Thursday, July 20, 2017

InkRamadhan Comic

Hey! So here is an comic I made on Ramdhan for the Inkramadan challage. Unfortunately, I was super late in doing the last few pages (I mean super late), so that is why the ending seems like something that was rushed, which it is.
Doing this was super fun, hectic and a hassle but still fun. I have so many things still to share but didn't get the chance to do so due to being busy. I wish to introduce more characters too, Like Mike's girlfriend. Hairy's friends from the mosque and the moment he fell sick. More story on Dean on course (He wasn't given justice since he appear late in the comic). Needless to say I have planned few additional stories to back the comic up, but things don't always go as planned, huh?

but I guess this is a good way to practice in making comic too
I should do more things like this.



Bonus pages after page 26


  1. Maaaan raaaajinnnnnya ko faye! Awesome weh, I enjoyed reading this! Thanks for making this~ *thumbs up* :DDD

    1. Apparently, not rajin enuf. Sebab banyak flaw lg, tp for a light comic I think I was very fun to do it lah.


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