Friday, October 21, 2016

Struggles of a Butterfly

Ok, lama sungguh blog aku ini terbiar.
Last post pun masa raya lepas kot. masyAllah.
lepas tu janji nak tunjuk komik
..tapi baru sekarang nak post. hahaha
tak do justice langsung pada blog ini.

Aku nie jenis pemalas orangnya sebenarnya, so memang akan ada masa aku macam menghilang tanpa kesan. so maafkan aku ya.

Perlu gigihkan diri untuk update blog lepas nie!
maybe post something macam ideas of short stories and stuff kan?

well in the mean time ini komik yang dijanjikan pada post yang sebelum nie
some might already seen this on FB not some may haven't, still Its good to have it stored here too



  1. Hi!

    May I know what software(s) do you use for coloring and all that? Also, the tablet?

    Keep up the good work! (:

    1. Hi Iz Rdn.

      For this I use Paintool SAI, use it pretty much for most of my drawings and colouring nowadays plus it's free. And for text editing I usually use Photoshop or Medibang because SAI lacks text editing tools.

      As for my tablet, I currently use Wacom Intuous Art (small). Got his early this year, and loving it :)

      Hope that helps 😁

      Ps: I love how your blog looks. Its simple yet so pretty and classy 😍

  2. Thanks for uploading this here also Faye, cuz I never enjoy viewing comics on fb. To me, for artwork viewing of any kind, blog (and deviantArt) rule! ;3

    Am enjoying your comics, keep up the good work! :D

    1. ok got it. I'll make sure that I upload my stuff here as well. including my inktober (but need to wait until the 31st day or after. haha)


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