Friday, October 21, 2016

Birthday Shoutout to an old buddy

So today is actually one of my friend's birthday.  A friend I knew for so long now.  Since from 1 until now.  And since I was having trouble sleeping yesterday I decided to make a little something for him.  

To be honest,  I don't remember spending much time with the guy during our school years.  We have different group of friends back then.  Simply said I was the unpopular bunch.  Quiet, shy and not even that smart (now even) .  Hahaha.  

Then,  we met again when we decided to both further our studies. I'd  say the guy had grown so much to a point that even I look up to him. Anyway,  dude,  keep on doing what you're doing.  I'm wishing and praying for the very best of whatever you decided to do.  

Happy Birthday, Kipick



I think,  I'm getting good at tracing real pictures into drawing (perasan!) 


  1. Happy birthday Kipick!
    Hensem Kipick. Hehe

  2. Happy belated besdei Kipick,
    Power aaa abam Faye melukis.. 😄😄


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