Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Peanut Butter and Jelly

This post is dedicated to kepala singa


*how could you*


On 2012, I made one very not so well drawn comic as a gift for my friend's birthday.

You can see it here if you want to---> No! Thank You :D

So the same date this year, I thought maybe that I drawn something again. So now I am recycling the two characters in that short comic to make this new short comic. With some changes of course. hey! what a good chance to try out my new drawing tablet huh? So this would be my very first short comic drawn fully digital. Hooray for me!!

Disclaimer : In no way ever that my friend have ever said this to me. The dialogue are made up stories that came into mind. Luke is actually a great and awesome guy. can be a bit sarcastic and self absorbed at times..but still a great guy. haha. 

Disclaimer 2 : Luke is not allergic to any peanuts of any kind if I remember correctly because I've seen him eat Cendol before and cendol have peanuts in them!

( However I do think he and maybe my other friends would love to say that to my face, given the chance)




  1. Cendol have peanuts? Ha, TIL..

    Happy birthday, Luke. May the force be with you.

    1. TIL apa day? Aku lembab sikit part abbreviations nie. Hahaha

      Cendol kt tempat kitorg pergu letak kacang. Mungkin utk menambahkan tekstur bagi mengiringi kesedapan dan kemanisan cendol.

    2. Today i learned? Haha aku pun ingat kau tersilap dengan ais kacang.

      Happy bday luke. Dah tukar spek yang berselotep ke belum?

    3. Today I learn.. Aku pun baru berjinak-jinak dengan bahasa orang muda ni. Hahahaha..

      Tak pernah jumpa cendol ada kacang. Ada jumpa cendol tambah jagung, itu pun aku pandang slek je pencedol tu..

    4. Omg maybe tmpt cendol kt tmpt aku special lah kot. Hahaha

      Ben dia dah tukar spec dah alhamdulillah

  2. Ahahaha! Ouch.. but that's cute. HB Luke! Bromance~

  3. Happy birthday, Luke.
    No, I am NOT your father! (get it? get it?)

    Sejak ada tablet ni, rajin sungguh kau mengupdate ye.
    Semangat itu yang kita mahukan. Hehehe


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