Thursday, January 7, 2016


Hi there, 

After so long, I guess I should write something up in this long forgotten blog of mine.
Today, mark the 7th of January 2016. Not that anything matters on this day though. I just want to highlight the fact that 2015 have ended. 

So basically 2016 is a new year. Meaning that new minutes, days and months to come. Horayy!! So here is my free advice to you for the coming days.

"For each new day, you can only get better"

This would implies on mostly everything, or anything. However, in this context; my drawings. However there is a catch. You should make sure you keep practicing though. 

Since we are talking about progression. I would like to show you how I have progress in my drawings throughout these few years. Believe it or not, I am not that good before I started. To be honest, I suck at drawing people and usually stick with those old but gold stick figures. I only really started drawing animes style during my teens (14-15 to be exact). Thanks to a certain person named Bean during that time. Needless to say, those critiques session we have slipping drawings under each other table makes me a better artist.

Lets' cut to the chase and onward to my progression. For this entry I will focus on my Colouring. I'll make a post about my drawings styles after I get back to Malaysia. I might have access to my older sketches at home. 

disclaimer : I may NOT have all of my old drawings especially when I just only starting up

Starting up

the few of my attempt on colour pencil that I have
(I think I have more but I haven't saved them in my computer)

made this during my matriculation days

Well I basically start learning to put colour in my drawings on my final year of degree. So, I was like what?...23-ish?

So here are the few coloring attempt I did on photoshop CS3
As you can see, I need a lot of work then but I got the basic idea or a colour scheme in my head though

with every new attempt, I learn more and more

lol. no nose

and my favorite work so far :) below;

I was experimenting of shapes tool on photoshop, and produce these

then I discover patterns, well not literally. I mean how to use them on photoshop

And then, I discovered paint tool SAI,
Which I will admit, make it a whole lot easier to colour.
and, thank god for the blur tool.
My Shadowing are not that stiff no more!!

I even try out for Ana Muslim's illustrator position, unfortunately I didn't get it. lol
(I use photoshop and sai for this one)

From there I keep on experimenting new ways and styles

late 2014, I learn how to make lineart using photoshop lined tool. I basically trace them again on the app after I scanned them. The work is tedious and exhausting! 

until last years, I kinda revert back to my traditional ways of doing things. Sketch and ink on a paper then resume colouring on my latop after I gave them a snap through my phone. I have manage to made some of these;

Made a lot of pokemon gijinka if you haven't notice from my previous entries. If you haven't, well give this blog a scroll :)

So there you have it, a glimpse of my progression starting from my matriculation years until last year. So what do you guys think of it? leave you comment, let's talk about it more.

Happy new years guys


  1. This is a very refreshing post. I thought you use markers for coloring because the render looks like marker rendering. Especially the last two.

    Do you draw for hobby or profession?

    1. Hi Dea Day.

      Tq for the compliment

      The last two were solely coloured using SAI. Hehe.
      I have only used marker once. And it was awesome but need more work I think.

      Draw is more ofna hobby rather than a profession. I do admit I would like to make a living as an artist if possible.

      However, I ways have this fear if I make it as a profession, I would come to hate drawing one day.


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