Friday, September 5, 2014

Ink Splash Challenge

Hi, I'm Hafiy
I was ink tagged splashed by Empire State of cEro to take on the Spilled Ink Challenge... (few hours ago)
It is aiming for more people to know artists, be it illustration, comic, animation... doesn't matter the field rule: 
Draw a picture that's related to "being splashed by ink" (still picture, gif or animation are all fine), then tag 3 peoples to challenge this.
The challenged has to reply within 24 hours, otherwise they are punished of 100 piece of calligraphy practice, including paper for it, quite troublesome.

And now, I nominate eh tag or whatever these people (senpai senpai yang power):

p/s : macam berat sebelah jer bila cakap 'ink' jer mesti dakwat hitam. Therefore in mine I made it blue instead. Weird that a small bottle can spill that much of ink? well deal with it, anything is possible in your imagination! muahahahaha

[copy paste dari my fb]

thanks to cero's tagging I put something up here. haha