Saturday, March 29, 2014

Tribute for Conteng-Conteng

Hello peeps,

It have been a very long hiatus, or should I say it have been so long that I ignore my two blogs.
I made something recently, and it is for a very talented artist of the series Jimi, Fadhli Hamdan.
He is also the owner of the website known as Conteng-Conteng. Never heard of that? Then shame on you. Haha. For fellow Malaysian you should click on that link I provided and start your nostalgic journey back to your childhood.

Back to the something I made. So the artist is currently preparing to release the 4th book of the Jimi series, and he ask his fellow readers to made a fan art that have the chance to make an appearance in this 4th book.
So in short I made my own version of Jimi :

Still working the old fashion way. I will get my own drawing tool so I can start digital drawing soon..after I have save enough money that is..

By the way, if you wanted to submit your own fan art of the series then you should do so too. It ends on 2nd April 2014 though. For more details click here.

To the amazing Fadhli Ahmad, I wish you all the best and keep the good things coming. Thank you.

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