Monday, March 31, 2014

Missing human interaction

So I was bored by doing nothing so I decided to log into one of my social media account...

....after a few while reading through the latest news feed I got even more bored. So, I started browsing through some old pictures in my account's album..... got me thinking, what are all these friends of mine are up to these days...

After A while of browsing and 'stalking'....

....I realised...

Do any of them even misses me or even remember me?

Then I got a bit depressed...and lonely.

p/s : to my fellow friends, you are welcomed to call or text me to ask me how I am doing, even better belanja* me food


  1. mesti lah, takkan nak suruh belanja kereta Audi satu kot. unless kau nak bagi satu


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