Monday, December 8, 2014

Porygon 2 gijinka

So I made a gijinka of a pokemon charater-Porygon 2

If you are confused, gijinka simply mean a humaniod version of the character 
(in this case a pokemon)

The first picture was okay but a bit dark, so I edited another one to make it look a tad wee brighter on the second one

Friday, September 5, 2014

Ink Splash Challenge

Hi, I'm Hafiy
I was ink tagged splashed by Empire State of cEro to take on the Spilled Ink Challenge... (few hours ago)
It is aiming for more people to know artists, be it illustration, comic, animation... doesn't matter the field rule: 
Draw a picture that's related to "being splashed by ink" (still picture, gif or animation are all fine), then tag 3 peoples to challenge this.
The challenged has to reply within 24 hours, otherwise they are punished of 100 piece of calligraphy practice, including paper for it, quite troublesome.

And now, I nominate eh tag or whatever these people (senpai senpai yang power):

p/s : macam berat sebelah jer bila cakap 'ink' jer mesti dakwat hitam. Therefore in mine I made it blue instead. Weird that a small bottle can spill that much of ink? well deal with it, anything is possible in your imagination! muahahahaha

[copy paste dari my fb]

thanks to cero's tagging I put something up here. haha

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

art work : cEro

So terlintas nak praktis tracing dan mewarna artwork.
masa melawat blogger lain, terlintas nak buat artwork nie.
tengok original character blogger lain, kemudian buat satu lukisan versi sendiri bagi character blogger tersebut

So blogger yang terpilih masa tu milik blogger awesome milik


okay, mula2 nak minta maaf sbb modify sikit character milik cEro nie, sbb aku agak keliru nak buat rambut si cEro nie. jadi nak tak nak aku ubah ikut persepsi aku.

Alang-alang, jemputlah melawat blog saudara cEro nie.
dia siap ada baut buku nomik(novel+komik) seyh
aku bila lah nak buat benda mcm tu


bila lah nak buka page untuk commision dan art trade dalam blog nie
serupa tak hidup je

sigh lagi sekali

[proses pembikinan art work cEro]

(abaikan contengan lain, aku tak jumpa pemadam. kucing bawak lari kot)

Monday, August 18, 2014

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Simple Eye Tutorial (Bahasa Edition)

Pada semua yang ingin belajar macam mana saya warnakan mata kartun. well ini simple tutorial.
Harap dapat membantu. Kalau ada musykil apa-apa, tanya lah. InsyAllah saya jawab punya.

Happy doodling! 

Friday, April 18, 2014

Out of topic

Hey guys, post your site or blog here

Who knows you might be adding your followers too

Monday, April 14, 2014

Trial Run #2

First  Drawing made on paper
Tracing were done on Photoshop (took about 2 hours!)
Colours also done in Photoshop

all process involving photoshop are done by using a mouse. yes including the tracing.

The first trial run was a post before this.

I used the word trial run because I never trace my drawing in Photoshop before.

this was the picture after I have done with the tracing

please ask permission if you wanted to download this picture as practice or some sort
Credit me if you want to use them

Friday, April 4, 2014

Birthday Gift : Amirul Rosli

A almost late birthday present for a friend of mine, Amirul.
23 years old

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Tutorial : Basic Colouring using Ps CS6

Hey guys, so, this will be my very first making a blog tutorial of how I colour my drawings. 

Please take note that I still haven't gone into digital drawing just yet, what I did is I draw on a piece of paper, trace it with ink or in this case a gel pen ( people call this process as inking or line art). When I am done, I usually took a picture of it with my camera or you can just scan the image.

Before I start I usually edit the brightness and contrast of the image beforehand. (50% brightness and 200% contrast). You can do this in photoshop by choosing the 'Image' menu, the choose 'adjustment' then pick 'Brightness and Contrast'.

if you have drawn digitally so you won't need this.

OK let's proceed with the tutorial :

First thing first, the image, this is the image that I have already edited the brightness and contrast. So the image look clean.

To colour you can just use a brush to fill in the wanted area but it took time. Another way is to use the Quick Selection Tool or Magic Wand Tool. I use Quick Selection Tool in this tutorial.
(to use Magic Wand Tool, your line art should not have a loose ending)

TIPS : to use this tool, always make sure you choose background image/layer, if you don't choose the background then you are not gonna get the wanted area. 

Select the first area you wanted to colour, in this case I have chosen the skin area which is the face and both arms. There will be a dotted line that indicates your chosen area as seen in the picture.

Once you have selected the area, only inside the area can be edited, all area outside the selected area will not be affected by any change.

Next step is to fill in the colour:

  • choose a new layer
  • make the layer option into multiply mode ( so that the lines will still be seen)
  • choose a colour
  • choose either brush tool or bucket tool to fill in colour
  • bucket tool is much faster though

When done with the skin colouring :
  • choose again the Quick Selection Tool
  • right click your mouse on the picture
  • choose deselect (as shown in image)

    then all the selected area will be gone, at this point you can touch up the colouring with a brush.

proceed with other area such as the hair. repeat all the steps that we learn so far. 
  1. Choose background
  2. Quick selection tool
  3. Select area
  4. new layer
  5. multiply layer
  6. brush or bucket tool
  7. quick selection tool
  8. deselect area 

when you are not drawing digitally like I am. when you close up to the image you will see some area that are not fully filled like this.
This is the downfall for not drawing digitally..extra work. lol

you can just simply touch up this by choosing a brush and just brush on top of the area not filled yet.
Use a small size brush to do this. If you have some colour outside of the lines, don't fret, just choose an eraser and erase that part.

Then continue doing these steps with other areas and so on.
To make it easier for you, you can name your layers. Just double click on the layer name and you can rename that layer.
If you don't do this the layer will be sorted by number, such as ;- layer 1, layer 2...etc

when you are finally done, all these will be the final product of the image with all the basic colouring.
I will continue using this picture to teach you on how I made the eyes and also the simple toning or shading. 

Want to try out using this image to practice? Download this picture then.
Show me your result soon okay?

I hope this helped you, and I hope you understand all these step I wrote, but if not excuse me for my poor writing.

Until the next tutorial, thank you.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Corndog Conspiracy

Have this happen to you?
It happen to me a lot, sometimes a friend did that to me but mostly I am the one doing it too

Do you think my colouring and drawing skill have improve a little? I think I have may have..but maybe I am just imagining it.

corn dog is not an usual food you can found in Malaysia, I just draw corn dog in this comic because I am craving for one.

Enjoy. Liked it? Feel free to drop a comment and share. 

Monday, March 31, 2014

Missing human interaction

So I was bored by doing nothing so I decided to log into one of my social media account...

....after a few while reading through the latest news feed I got even more bored. So, I started browsing through some old pictures in my account's album..... got me thinking, what are all these friends of mine are up to these days...

After A while of browsing and 'stalking'....

....I realised...

Do any of them even misses me or even remember me?

Then I got a bit depressed...and lonely.

p/s : to my fellow friends, you are welcomed to call or text me to ask me how I am doing, even better belanja* me food

Gif Teaser!

Okay I am working on something at the moment. One is a three pictures scene and I have this idea for a short comic too.. the short comic is still in progress though. I will post it as soon as I have finish it. So you can anticipate the 3 picture scene story soon but need to wait a bit longer for the comic ;P

In the mean time here is a teaser... well I am actually experimenting a new style to colour my drawings and also trying to make a simple .gif out of one of them. Guess what? I successfully made one. Although it may seem so trivial  but I think it is one step forward for myself *pat own self at the back*

Trivial but I made this though..*blink*blink*