Sunday, June 16, 2013


Syafiq Mustafa
Irwan Hamzah
Yusuf Nazir
Ikhwan Dahari
Azeem Azman

Fakhruddin Rostam

Hafizuddin Hamdan

I'll try to find more time to make a few more caricature doodles for my friends here in UKM 
I accidentally made Azeem's skin darker than it should be. haha. my bad, I did him in a jiffy just before my exam just now (eh why does that sound so dirty??) . Took me around 20 mins or so. Sorry Azeem.
I can overlay the image to make them brighter or darker,'s a hassle.

until then cheerios

Which one you prefer???

Sneak Peek

Here is a sneak peek of my mini project at the moment
see anyone you recognize from my previous comic of In-U??
can you name them that you know? hehe
to whom that know me in UKM can you guess who are these people? 

Friday, June 14, 2013

Before this chapter ends

I am currently working on something before I end my last semester, well not exactly my last semester, I still have my short semester attending my industrial training. But you all get my point right.

I am actually squeeze working on this small project while trying to fix my thesis and also at the same time need to find the time to study for my finals. Last two papers but these last two freaks me out the most. Why you ask? because it involve MATHEMATICS! 

for you who didn't know this about me, well, I really really really am terrible at maths. Like seriously bad, even a kid sometimes can do better than me.

There you have it, I am currently working on a small art project before my graduation (hopefully), trying to finish my thesis and also study

I am juggling here. Juggling!