Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Green Pool Theory

Okay, first of all, I am to lazy to colour all of the pictures..why? because I am..and it's so hard colouring using a mouse rather than an actual pencil or some sort..
anyway this comic is special dedication for a good friend of mine in UKM
since it's his birthday and I have no money to buy him anything so I share this story instead..

For Hafizuddin Hamdan, the annoying brat next door to my room. muahahaha.

This story took place a while back, when Hafeez and I went to our University's public pool. We were eager to go for a swim since we both freaking like swimming and making a fool of ourselves acting like we are professional swimmers.

but when we got there..well.. let's just read it out from my short comic shall we..

Upon arriving in the pool..there were actually a lot of people than in the picture

and yes it is the one you see in lake or something

So I ask Hafeez a 'seni' question..but he can't answer the simple question. 

So, I being all nice and all..give him the answer. a shocking one.

He use an even harsher word than idiot but for children's sake let it be just that

Despite that we still let ourselves swim in the pool. haha. don't fret the is no urine in the pool ( I hope soo...)
The one in charge of the pool just haven't got the chance to add chlorine to the pool since it's been raining mostly all day everyday of the week. So I am pretty sure the water is greenish because of the rain.

However at the end of our swimming session my eyes hurts a lot even after a quick dive. 

Anyway, Happy Birthday to Hafizuddin Hamdan and also one of my classmate, Hafizah Sahari.