Sunday, March 24, 2013

Moment of Clarity

Here is the continuation of In-U I have told earlier
it is a simple story lah
So please do enjoy.

This time In-U features two new characters : Irah and Rihab
they are one of classmate

additional note : Irah is my former classmate in TGB. and now in UKM

Saturday, March 23, 2013

My Favorite

Wanna know what is my fav work so far?

well try clicking this link here---- My Favorite

It's my favorite maybe because I put my heart into it so I can present it to a precious friend of mine

Thank you

Friday, March 22, 2013

Salah susun

For whom that already read this post Old Work

Unfortunately the arrangement is all wrong. hehe. but don't fret I had already rearrange them.

sorry for the inconvenience 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ini Ben!

This one is not my work 
but a work of  Ben Osman
As you can see she made this in 2008 for my SPM. 
but my point is that, even before she start doing give aways in her blog,
I already got one beforehand. hehehe
But now I notice something. I never gave her anything in return?!

hey visit her blog okay? it's awesome, far much more awesome from mine. Mine can't even comprehend. 

Old work

This is a comic I've done when I was in form five in TGB
these pages were made for my friend and at the same time for a section in our year book

but in the end the editor said the story have too many pages, so I made another one instead.
but this one is actually one of my first comic I made
my first comic was when I was in Grik, but I lost the book before even having it finished
my second was a short advertisement for new LDP selection in TGB

so this one will made it my third comic then :D

(it's not good though, I am that bad at making story line)

Art Trade

I may not be very good in making a fancy blog, or being a blogger itself.

I mean, I don't make or organised any events for my followers.
I don't really have the time to do post on a basic schedule or regular basis

I got college things to attend to, more over this year I got my FYP!

But I got some time to do some blogwalking just now.
I was visiting on of my 29 follower's blog.
well to be precise it was Fatinlea's

and I stumble upon this post of her's
(click on the fancy coloured words to be directed to the post I was mentioning about)

well she was doing an art trade with MelAmalina
(I just stumble upon you blog miss MelAmalina, I promise you I will look into your blog soon)

eh..where did I left off just now?
Oh! the post and the art trade.
Ok even in my DeviantArt account I do art trades now and then.

then I figured..why don't I do some art trades with  all these wonderful talented amazing artist/bloggers?

it sounds like a good idea huh? 
at least I can have a few more post in this freaking dusty blog of mine. hehe

so what say you? wanna do an art trade?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Wait for it

Hello to all my 29 followers!
it's your doodler here.
I got news..
I am...
currently working on SOMETHING!
yeah surprising huh?

Currently working on a 5 page simple comic 
it's just a boring story of my life.
it's one of my In-U experience

been working on this for about 6 hours now
stay tune.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

I am blank

One of the most thing I dislike is that I wanted to draw something but somehow I cannot manage to squeeze any idea out of my brain. All that came up is some boring doodle that even I don't understand.
I having the same problem as what journalist and authors often stumble upon when they don't have any idea of what to write. 
they call it the writer's block.


in my case it is a Doodler's block!

please bestow upon me idea(s)!
and show me how to start.

it's been to long since I made anything new.