Friday, January 4, 2013

So much a portrait.

So in the tension of all these studying and exams
I decided to take a bit break, hence I choose to draw a bit.

I have been doing a lot of cartoon, and yes I do like to do them.
but today I decided to do a portrait.

and man it was tough!

so I google a picture of some kid in the internet, and I found out this cute little thing

So then I started sketching
and as I was saying earlier 

especially doing the hair, no wonder I like to do cartoon instead. so much more easier.
now I really admire people than can really draw these kind of picture of real life things!

okay keep in mind I am not a professional, instead just an armature that likes to doodle for pleasure
and also keep in mind my phone is an old nokia E71
it only have a 3.2 MP camera 

what I am saying the picture is not that great..haha.. you get it right?

so this is the end results

this is far off than the real picture, poor
she seems older in my drawings though.

so go ahead, laugh your butts off. 
well at least I tried. haha