Sunday, June 16, 2013


Syafiq Mustafa
Irwan Hamzah
Yusuf Nazir
Ikhwan Dahari
Azeem Azman

Fakhruddin Rostam

Hafizuddin Hamdan

I'll try to find more time to make a few more caricature doodles for my friends here in UKM 
I accidentally made Azeem's skin darker than it should be. haha. my bad, I did him in a jiffy just before my exam just now (eh why does that sound so dirty??) . Took me around 20 mins or so. Sorry Azeem.
I can overlay the image to make them brighter or darker,'s a hassle.

until then cheerios


  1. wahh xD syafiq mustafa handsome much ^^

    abang sapa tuuu . heheh

    nak satu? peace :D


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