Thursday, March 21, 2013

Art Trade

I may not be very good in making a fancy blog, or being a blogger itself.

I mean, I don't make or organised any events for my followers.
I don't really have the time to do post on a basic schedule or regular basis

I got college things to attend to, more over this year I got my FYP!

But I got some time to do some blogwalking just now.
I was visiting on of my 29 follower's blog.
well to be precise it was Fatinlea's

and I stumble upon this post of her's
(click on the fancy coloured words to be directed to the post I was mentioning about)

well she was doing an art trade with MelAmalina
(I just stumble upon you blog miss MelAmalina, I promise you I will look into your blog soon)

eh..where did I left off just now?
Oh! the post and the art trade.
Ok even in my DeviantArt account I do art trades now and then.

then I figured..why don't I do some art trades with  all these wonderful talented amazing artist/bloggers?

it sounds like a good idea huh? 
at least I can have a few more post in this freaking dusty blog of mine. hehe

so what say you? wanna do an art trade?


  1. salam..hai..awk create new page, pastu masukkan html code dan letak link yg awk nak direct dgn image tu..

    tak susah, but ada step2 nya..hrp tutorial kat bwh ni membantu awk..anything, just let me know :)

  2. thank you very much Miss Mel :D
    maklum lah blogger amatur


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