Friday, October 12, 2012

Too instant noodles

Let's save money and eat instant noodles tonight
so here is the steps in making one. Enjoy.

"no money so tonight I eat Mee Sedap!"
First of all, gather all the necessity. You would need 
  • instant noodle(s)
  • hot water(boiling hot)
  • a heatproof container 

 then start rustling away...
"let's make instant noodles!"
tear open the instant noodle's packet then put in the still hard noodles into a container. 
do prevent from eating it raw like some 'keropok'
then pour in hot water into the container

then quickly close the container with a lid to prevent hot steam to escape.
we want the steam to cook the noodles.
after that the boring part..the waiting phase.

"man! it's hot!"
after enough of waiting, pick up the container and walk yourself to the sink or anything.
open only one side of the lid and pour the water out.
do it carefully so the noodles won't follow the water. we are not straining water out of it.

"Nearly done..nearly!"
then quickly go back to your room to start adding the flavorings (perencah)
just don't run or trip. then you would probably be devastated looking at your noodles on the floor while tiny ants feast on your food.

choose the movie of your interest : I'm watching the tv series The Mentalist
eating while watching a movie or a TV series is always a good idea.
well..that what I always do anyways

"slurps! nom nom nom!"
nothing beats eating your own hard worked-prepared instant noodles while watching your favorite TV series from your laptop.

"eh?! out of noodles but the movie is just starting!"
well not quite...the problem with instant noodles is that you can make it in an instant but finish it lesser than that instant.
You took more than 8 minutes preparing plus the waiting
while eating all the noodles took you less than 3 minutes.
then you go like..
"Nooooooooooo! out of food but still 35 minutes remaining of the movie!"

I hope you enjoy your dinner like I did. hehe