Tuesday, February 22, 2011


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this is a cartoonized characther of my peeps
(starting from the top--number one)

Azeem Azman

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Table doodle


this sketch was scratched on my studying table when I am still in matriculation
guess my table wasn't JUST a studying table
LOL  ;p


This is something I done long ago..
it is a duplicate actually, because the first made was handed to a special friend of mine for his birthday

if you are not sure what is the junk is..
well it is actually a replica of a teddy bear made from coiling metal wires

I wonder, I were to open this for selling..
would anyone buy this piece of junk???

At what price should I sold it then?

please leave your comments :DD

First to Be

Congratulation to Nor Hafiz of becoming the first follower in this part of the blog

Thank You I bid to you and the people visiting the blog
and not to forget the future follower and visitor

thank you so very much :DD

what about

as you can see on the second post
I will try to fill it with the sketches I've made
and even some comics I've been working on

I still need more work and help in my sketches and mostly colouring
so please help me out occasionally

thank you

Red Head Sunshine

Friday, February 18, 2011


this is a new blog I made special for something I really like

D O O D  L E S