Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Happy Birthday with a Sorry

first of all I like to apologise
I have no specific reason for not attending, I just felt that is not the place I should be that time.
I apologise if I disrupt the mood tonight, especially towards Hafeez, I'm pretty sure he was pissed at me when trying to persuade me not to mention he said he was tired.
I don't know about the rest but I'm sure you are all pissed too.
because I mention that to Hafeez that after he left I vomited a few time ( which make my head spin like hell, even now)
then he replied that everybody were feeling sick so I assume they were sick of me most probably.
Well if the anyone should be blame, its me and if any of you felt guilty then don't, let me bare that ok?
Nevertheless I still want to apologise to the celebrated kid, Fakhruddin too.
I got no reason to give you, but still..

p/s : Im swapping minyak kapak on my head while writting this. good night peeps

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  1. no biggie!!!ktorg sume syg hafiy la fren!!lps ni..kte join sme2 k..sorg pon xleh lps..moge cpt sembuh!:)


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