Friday, October 14, 2011


I am wondering is there anyone who like my doodles??
I guess there should be some request place in the blog...

but would anyone want doodles made by me???

seem impossible

here are some example of my doodles for my friends

cat Eat onion(?)

seeking kangaroo

if anyone wanted my doodles, then put this on your blog
I will make doodles for 15 random blogger
first 3 blogger will receive doodles that will be coloured :D
Don't forget to give your blog detail to me or I wouldn't know how to reach you :D

p/s : This is my first time doing this. hak haks
plus if there is less than 5 request, I have to cancel this request thing. haha


  1. salam...
    hafiy DOODLES...
    doodle for me please...

  2. maaf terdapat masalah tuk on9..
    mestilah aq nak syg oi..heheee..sila buat satu untuk aq..

  3. nak jugak!!


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